A simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to capture childhood moments like photos, videos, quotes, artwork, milestones, and journal entries.  


Offspring also includes a built-in private social network for sharing with family and friends.  Parents directly control what memories get added to a child’s timeline and what information their friends and family can see.


Effortlessly print photographs or publish memories stored in Offspring to a professionally printed, bound photo book – perfect for the people who prefer holding and flipping to clicking and tapping.


"My favorite moment of the day is checking Offspring to see what those little cuties have been up too!" 

- Joel


"This app is awesome! Great for keeping up with family when you live across the country." 

- Courtney

Capture a wide range of moment types 

Store your child’s milestones (first step, etc) as well as birth and pregnancy information


Supports multiple children

Record height and weight measurements

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, or friends can simply and securely follow your child's special moments

Push notifications make sure you never miss a moment


Optionally share your posts with Facebook and Twitter

Friends and family can contribute special moments to your kid’s timeline


Easily print photos at your local Walgreens store

Publish your stored memories in a custom printed memory book